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  • Intuitive Life Coach

  • Energy Healer

  • Psychic Medium

  • Spiritual Consultant

Hiya, I am Vierge

I identify as a Queer POC woman. I identify as the blood, land, and origin descendant of Kiskeya/Quisqueya diaspora, Haitian-Arawak, and Afro-Indigenous lineage, North American born.

My heart smilies.

Nou la.

Nos aqui.



I thank my ancestors. My lineage. My human companions. I am my mother's mother's mother's and forebearer's realization.

May the universe always be in my favor.

My Message

Welcome. As an intuitive life coach, I use life coaching approaches, as well as NLP, EFT, somatic, intuitive, and energetic practice, to help elevate develop, and guide coaching clients toward their desired outcomes. I focus on intuitive or psychic abilities, career/life transitions, relationship troubles, self-confidence, manifestation, life purpose, journey, and soul trauma healing.

As a psychic medium and energy healer, I combine indigenous, ancestral, and spiritual philosophy, psychologies, rituals, and techniques, which is an inherent component of my relationship with mind, body, and Spirit in all directions - south, north, east, and west. I am a channel for spiritual consciousness, which I employ with intention and discernment.

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