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Meet Vierge


I identify as a (s/h/th), a Queer Person of Color, a descendant of the Kiskeyan (Ayiti & RD) diaspora, and of Taino/Arawakan Afro-Latinx-Indigenous ancestral lineage. 

My heart smilies.

Arikoma bu (thank you),


I thank my ancestors. My lineage. My human companions. I am my mother's mother's mother's and forebearer's realization.

May the universe always be in my favor.

  • Intuitive Life Coach

  • Energy Healer

  • Psychic Medium

  • Spiritual Consultant

My Path

I am an Intuitive Life Coach, Intuitive Reader, and Energy Healer who employs a range of powerful techniques to support individuals in their personal growth and transformation. Through the use of life coaching methodologies, NLP, EFT Tapping, somatic-based practices, intuitive insights, and energy work, I empower my clients to reach their desired goals and aspirations.

As a psychic medium and energy healer, I draw upon a rich tapestry of indigenous, ancestral, and spiritual wisdom. This holistic approach forms the foundation of my deep connection with the mind, body, and Spirit, honoring the four cardinal directions - south, north, east, and west. I serve as a conduit for spiritual consciousness, employing it consciously and thoughtfully to bring about healing and transformation. My practice encompasses diverse philosophies, psychologies, rituals, and techniques, weaving them together to create a harmonious and sacred space for growth and enlightenment.


My expertise lies in nurturing intuitive and psychic abilities, assisting with career and life transitions, navigating relationship challenges, boosting self-confidence, manifesting desires, uncovering life purpose, embarking on a soulful journey, and facilitating healing from past traumas. With my holistic approach, I guide clients on a transformative path towards a more fulfilling and vibrant well life.

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