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Harness the Cosmic Energies:
Your Monthly Astrology, Tarot & Spiritual Forecast!

"June starts off with bouts of grief, anger and an urge to use creative energy in way that will shift human sovereignty! This month children, food and weather will be of topic" - Vierge

June 2022 Energy Forecast

The theme of the month has a lot to do with accessing and using your own creative energy, as well as putting it to good use. This theme is about going for it, and it may serve as a reminder for many to remember what beats their heart! Some people will need to reassess their hobbies, interests, and passions, as well as possibly re-imagine a variety of things that bring them joy.

It is indicated here that children, food, and weather will be discussed in different topics throughout this month.

Our collective archetype/persona will cycle through patterns of hero/victim/martyr that represent global joy and pain. Most will be preoccupied with personal and professional matters. Some people may seek or be invited to experience what my lineage refers to as "soul reversals" in "sou; retrievals." Many will encourage, activate, or halt essential dialogues about behaviors that have become normalized, or will ask large or small groups to re-evaluate habits and practices if the effects are damaging blinders.

This month's goal has a lot to do with putting matters personally into your own hands and taking action. Some may discover a burst of energy to begin physical exercise, while others may travel or relocate. There is a serious sense of looking into the global climate for future human sovereignty.

This month's challenge is not understanding how to properly organize and initiate plans, as well as a fear of letting go and experiencing change, and so assuming full control over one's thoughts and ideas without much regard for how to prepare or how it will influence others. There is a requirement to practice and comprehend the basics of being a human scholar in order to grasp the skills or strategies required for change. This is about systematically considering how to achieve your goals in life, love, and business without causing harm to others or making unnecessary sacrifices.

Ptifalls will occur. Some will avoid a few things, which necessitates an assessment of our surroundings and the people around us for threats and violence. There is a message about prospective temptations being misguided by social media marketing frauds and having to start over. There is also a theme growing via the collective about grief and loss that will be distributed throughout the month.

What the collective can expect to achieve is that understanding how to organize your thoughts into a clear and articulate plan will lead you to identify the people who will support you in taking action this month. This will require a three-step process in which you'll have to figure out what this will add to your life. Some of us will be called to return to our organic roots, seeking beauty in our own and others' skins while attempting to comprehend how to live together worldwide and nurture ourselves with the correct compass.

You can find support by giving something up for others or giving up ideas, resources, and perspectives that can be best thrived by other groups and communities. Due to global grief/loss and anger, some may find comfort in avoiding dealing with matters of the heart, while others may find comfort in being cognitively dissidents and or using coping strategies to deal with urgent and global crisis issues.

Here’s my bottomline:

While many people will be dealing with a cycle of anger, isolation, and helplessness this month, others may be relocating, shifting values, and engaging in difficult and even volatile conversations about domestic and international political issues that ask us to reconsider how we view humanity. There is a significant amount of energy that will be used for action, whether positive or negative. The guiding light, ancestors and lineage speaks that there are ways we have yet to comprehend in which we can move through these various landscapes efficiently and rapidly.

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Restorative Practices:

Here are some suggestions for how you can move through the month intentionally as a based on the forecast:

  • Volunteer your time and resources, or donate to a charity of your choice.

  • Direct your attention towards the communities where the mission goes directly to the purpose. :)

  • Revisit an old hobby, talent or interest

  • Plan a mini getaway

  • Take part in some brief body-oriented practice

  • Call a friend and be heart-listening to their experience.

  • Practice what I mentioned in my instagram live on 5/25/22.

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

"May is all about illuminating our shadow sides so we can learn to collaborate, reflect, plan and mend broken promises — to ourselves and others" - Vierge

May 2022 Energy Forecast

This month, we will be using the shadow side of our personalities more than usual. While certain people may be more prone to this type of energy. Others may find themselves fighting a sudden urge or experiencing out-of-the-blue emotional outbursts. Some people may struggle to hear things clearly, while others may struggle to express their emotions.

This months themes is about harnessing willpower and accessing resources that improves or shines your talents and skills in an area of your life thats necessary or an area you may be pursuing.

Regardless, the collective will require a period of rest and contemplation, as individuals may endure spells of mental distress or excessive energy demand. Some personalities may be constantly collaborating with others, necessitating many perspectives and solutions. While the strain may be relentless this month, you still have the option of knowing when to slow down, take a break, and even plan a little retreat of 1, 3, or 5 days to achieve mental clarity and spark moments of flow in your life.

There may be a period when the collective feels trapped, entrapped by an idea or solution. It is critical to resolve oneself by viewing things objectively. Some personalities are prone to escapist, withdrawing, becoming aloof, or calling it quits. It might be an opportunity to express your thoughts and feelings in a way that connects you to others rather than disconnects you from them.

You can refine your skills and set boundaries while taking time or making time to catch your breath and reconnect with others. Some people may discover that speaking lovingly to themselves can go a long way.

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Restorative Practices:

Here are some suggestions for how you can move through the month intentionally as a based on the forecast:

  • Place in your environment or offer up to someone pink or light pink flowers

  • Drinking water or be near water

  • Plan a mini getaway

  • Be mindful of salt intake

  • Take part in some brief body-oriented practices

  • write a handwritten letter/note to someone

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