Life Coaching


Your investment in Sacred Aura & Co allows me to give back to my local and international communities by delivering reduced fees or pro bono brief psychotherapy, spiritual wellness, and transformative healing services.

So, thank you so much!


I am a professional life coach and combine other modalities of practices to help elevate, advance, and guide coaching clients, regardless if they are interested in integrating intuition as part of their professional or personal development. In most experiences, there is an organization already set in motion when we work together!

Benefits: career/ life transition, relationship, mindset, life purpose, and soul trauma are among the focuses of my coaching practice.

Consultations, Package & Programs

Soul Strategy Session is perfect for those looking to schedule based on need; focused on laser coaching methods to transmute energy blocks,  improve mindset, and explore and apply techniques for personal development.

Soul Alignment Session Packages are perfect for those who want all their sessions upfront so they can have the freedom to schedule as they desire without the traditional coaching program structure. This is a one-time investment and discounted! These are useful for foundational development on areas of focus from a Soul Strategy Session.

Programs are perfect for those looking to maximize long-term lifestyle success in personal and business lifestyle; motivated and committed to moving past some major obstacles in their life! These programs are 3 or 6-month commitments with a coaching contract. Discounts applied for full payment*