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Intuitive Life Coaching Services

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Strategy Session

If you want to schedule based on your needs, our Soul Strategy Session is ideal. This session relies on laser coaching methods to transmute energy blocks, improve mindset, and explore and apply personal development techniques. It is designed to provide targeted guidance and support when you need it the most.

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Soul Alignment Session Packages

Soul Alignment Session Packages are ideal for those who want the freedom to schedule their sessions as they see fit without the constraints of a traditional coaching program structure. You have the freedom to work at your own pace because all sessions are scheduled ahead of time. These packages are a one-time investment at a reduced price. They are ideal for laying the groundwork in specific areas of focus identified during your Soul Strategy Session.

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3/6 Mentorship

My mentorship model is designed to maximize your long-term lifestyle success if you are motivated and committed to overcoming major obstacles in your personal and business life. The mentorship approach is highly individualized and requires a three or six-month commitment with a coaching agreement. By participating in this journey, you will receive ongoing support, accountability, and guidance in order to achieve profound transformation and long-term change. For your convenience, full payment discounts are applied.

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