Soul Reiki Energy Healing

Climbing Plants

Soul Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese traditional energy medicine developed by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui in about 1922. Reiki practitioner focuses the universal energy to redirect subtle internal energy and alignment, by opening up the client's chakra energy source. The process of redirecting energies and opening up chakras is called attunement. Reiki energy addresses physical, mental, emotional, and energetic imbalances. Reiki also called medical qigong, ki healing, psychic healing, magnetic healing - can be performed in-person and distance healing. This healing art modality utilizes universal life force energy to heal the whole physical body with/out of physical contact.

Crystal Healing

Chakra/Crystal Healing is a hands-on (or distance) healing treatment similar to Reiki that aids in the healing of trauma, pain, emotional tension, and the release of old memories and patterns. Chakras are the body's seven major energy centers. Each chakra energy field is dispersed throughout our bodies and corresponds to different physical diseases and dysfunctions.

Crystal healing facilitates healing by utilizing the healing powers of crystals and gemstones. As a healer who uses crystals for their medicinal properties, I will be guided to place various stones or crystals connected with specific chakra points on your body (distance session crystals/stones will be placed on the object used to project reiki healing). When bad, disease-causing energy is expelled, positive, healing energy can flow through the body. I may also use a Quartz Pendulum for all or any of the chakra points.


Healing sessions are effective for the following issues or conditions:

  • Relieving stress and anxiety

  • Improving overall well-being

  • Minimizing discomfort from acute, chronic pain, or injury

  • Cleansing & Setting healthier habits

  • Supporting emotional and spiritual healing

  • Addresses mental suffering and the links between soul, body, and psyche

  • Releases from the body and mind that inhibit healthier relationships

  • Increase intuitive talents

  • Gain clarity and concentration

  • Release from past life patterns

  • Improve future outcomes and manifestation

  • and much more!

Please read ' Getting Ready For Session and After-Care' for more general information about what to expect for distance reiki or reiki crystal-assisted sessions before scheduling your appointment.