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2023 Year Forecast & Predictions

” This year brings a sense of revolting energy that requires immediate brainstorming, thirst for pleasure, a firm evaluation on labor exertion and newfound adventure through language, symbols and relationships!" - Vierge

At a Glance

Collective Positionality & Role

Due to the previous year's increase, as well as the global shift and the world's economic status, our collective position and role in 2023 will revolve around conserving and securing ourselves financially and materialistically. There will be a lot of emphasis on our anxieties, or our ability to manage them, and the real focus will be on strategies for meeting our basic basic needs as well as achieving freedom, joy and seeking pleasure.

Some will resort to drastic, soft manipulative, or calculated measures, whereas others will succumb to sudden impulses and make hasty decisions. The collective mind* indicates that humanity will be on guard. There will be times to consider when having dual conversations of contracts, or long-term agreements, about one's future, and thus the future of your personal to global affairs. Who will we refer to as our allies? How will we know who our true allies are?

Some may need to go above and beyond, while others will go above and beyond to ensure security and understanding. There will undoubtedly be a strong desire to reach the pinnacle of your priority. The question here is, how much effort are you willing to put in in 2023?

A Culmination of 2022

We leave a year of empathy burnout, agitation, a lot of confusion, numbing disconnection, and a lot of isolation behind us. We improved our adaptability, rumination, tending, and curiosity. So many people approach life's problems analytically or emotionally. We are collectively shifting into a space in 2023 where we will be sincerely self-evaluating our lives as we move towards developing a deeper sense of what bringing pleasure, joy, fulfillment, and celebrations mean to us and what we truly hope to aspire to

Aspirations & Desires in 2023

In 2023, there is a strong tendency toward deconstructive dismantling, as well as willful minds seeking to restructure social order and sociopolitical systems. This is the year for long-term conversations, balanced reasoning, and common sense practices that everyone can agree on. The primary areas of agricultural and ecological issues, water, government, institutions, legal and ethical practices, and a significant impression* indicated that this yield will be 20 years in the future!

This could lead to technological hacking, human war (trade/land/climate), and political repurposing of value systems for the future. What future will you work to protect? Many people will be called to begin reclaiming and re-centering an approach to the new world (not order). The collective impression indicates unwavering energy dedicated to existing and expanding, eradicating negative words and languages associated with what is forbidden.

Ahead in 2023

The challenge we will all face in 2023 is making rash, quick decisions in a crisis. There will undoubtedly be abrupt changes places advantages or disadvantages based on how you perceive the sun change. We should all consider the entire context of a situation before making a decision. Do we need to understand someone's life experience to consider suffering?

In 2023, it is critical to secure stability and capitalize on opportunities to celebrate, gain small victories, experience joy, and form long-lasting connections. We will benefit from sharing vulnerabilities, identity development, and being extremely honest about how you're showing up in the world and will continue for the next 20 years. This year is about expanding, asking for help when you need it, and focusing primarily on overall wellbeing.

Major Influences in Relationships, Labor, Health and Spirituality

Ending dis-ease relationships, stagnant or discontinuing old practices, genuine connection, radical joy, and pleasure seeking can all benefit us. How do we comprehend how we bring people into our lives? Flexible with changes, developing and reevaluating dormant skills will benefit your career, labor, or interest. Some will benefit from assessing the need to overwork for rewards and performance.

When it comes to overall health, many of us will need to develop extreme compassionate practices in order to find a call mind to track any emotional current. This year will be an emotional roller coaster, with a strong emphasis on deepening our relationships, as indicated by this year's impressions related to [specific health issues were omitted].

When it comes to our spiritual development, there is a strong indication that spiritual earthly conflict will continue. It is time for us to let go of what has clouded our vision so that we can make long-term progress.

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