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April 2023 Energy Forecast

”This month's is fresh air and a closing of the winter cycle. We will find ourselves in conversations which offers us opportunities to personally develop and shine bright like a diamond". - Vierge

April 2023 Energy Forecast

The Short Version

This month's collective focus is on experiencing and comprehending things from both perspectives. As we move into the full spring quarter, this is about noticing any sort of blind spots, pitfalls, or stuck points related to any decisions and or situations that are being repaired or closed up. What do we really require to make long-term decisions? How will those decisions affect us in the long run? What questions should we be asking ourselves and others in order to truly comprehend how this manifests? Some of us may feel like we've been waiting a long time, and hopefully you were planting seeds in the first quarter of this year as we closed out winter. You'll need to put in a lot of effort, and you'll need to be moving through the expected anxiety and recognizing the opportunities to show up for yourself and your community in some way that has resembled how you see things, shine, and collaborate on newfound ideas.

This month's theme is about intentionally using your (w)holistic strength in relation to internal and physical or environmental resources to overhaul the lack mentality, or sort of intellectual or mental dialogues. You may have a condition that interferes with your natural ability to remain determined. This is about not letting up while also allowing time to be a gift that allows you to push through with your internal and environmental resources gently.

The collective's goal is about rest, rest, rest after such a long, arduous battle, or facing challenges or making difficult decisions, or showing up for yourself with such zeal. This is about recharging your power sources, feeling proud of yourself, and recognizing opportunities that have paid off. This is about noticing the peace, pleasure, and stillness that follows fruition. This is about intentionally recharging your self in whatever way looks forward to the next endeavor ahead.

This month's challenge is all about opportunities. This month is all about making adjustments or accepting change for what's ahead. It's about making decisions to let go and face the present situation as it appears. This is a very focused future-oriented approach, indicating changes in environment, travel or relocation. Lots of conversations with others about changes in your life or changes that are coming up this always relates to the individual global or community based shifts

What you should embrace this month is acknowledging that there will be a lot of energy that you can use to find yourself incongruent with the next phase of your life or the global collective life of us all. It's all about recognizing that the quarter before us has ended and looking forward to leading your life forward. It's about having quick, intellectual energy, feeling more secure, playful, and new.

Bottomline: The bottom line is that there should be a lot of self-love and self-sufficiency, as well as the opportunity to share that love and sufficiency, as this will be a collective healing force. This will undoubtedly revitalize and rebalance us as we approach me; there's so much encouragement here to be diligent, to be loving with your thoughts, with your body, and with your community as you move towards masterful wellness.

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Restorative Practices:

Here are some suggestions for how you can move through the month intentionally based on the months energy pattern:

  1. Be mindful of who you share your life goals, and how you speak about them.

  2. Using salt, protective crystals, and cleansing out your home and body.

  3. Try a new interest, hobby or be outdoors.

  4. Drink water, rest and recharge

  5. Schedule a wellness visit

  6. Identify one area of your life you wish to change

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