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August 2022 Energy Forecast

"July welcomed in a new cycle. August takes the wheel propelling us into a transformative year ahead." - Vierge

August 2022 Energy Forecast

The theme of the month is about adversity, sacrifice, and the need for relief. There is also a theme of healing wounds, whether they be emotional, psychic, or physical. Some people may need to reprocess past experiences that have been difficult and negatively influencing in their lives. The path this month is about restoration, attachment injuries, and the emotional self.

Be Brave!

Connections, sensuality, proximity, and intimacy will be central to our collective archetype/persona. Most people are drawn to the polar opposite of their primal energy. This month is all about showing up deeply in our most intimate connections and friendships. The collective will address the concept of vulnerability, as well as how we wish to feel safe, express love, use, and engage with our physical bodies and environments. What are your most urgent concerns?

The purpose for this month is to cultivate a strong backbone, lead your life with more certainty, while mending and moving past burnouts, old scars, and the ability to withstand adversity. Some will need to actively seek out and consider support, but others may encounter inherent knowledge and opportunity. This month's lesson will revolve around accountability, integrity, and choice.

The challenge this month is about timing, momnetum, and pressure. Many people will take autonomous risks this month, while others will participate in community gatherings, and only a few will put creative ideas from the previous year into action! This month's challenge focuses on authority, power, and personal balance in order to create and surround yourself with what will make you feel healthy and successful. Some people may be traveling or pursuing activities that make them feel prodigious, creative, and magnetic.

With a strong clear intellect, this month's success and accomplishment is a solid grasp of who you are or who you are becoming. Some may find success in straightforward communication and a bold attitude, whereas others may need to be more mindful of their instincts.

This month, prevent your emotions of watching for your shadow side by overindulging in knowledge or even overindulging in information, which can lead to overwhelm. This month, the root chakra, foundations, personal well-being, and travel are all predicted to be stimulated experiences. What is the life narrative you want to construct for yourself, despite the common obstacles you may face?

What can I embrace? One may need to find place of compassion, and insight when it comes to others dogmatic ideas and attitudes for one's own wants and comfort. Ask questions and never settle for a single perspective on life's issues. Perhaps nothing needs to be resolved in ahead.

This month's support comes from an inside area of wonder that is independent from solitude. While some may feel a little nervous and may seek guidance from others, a strategy for this month is about accepting where you are in the moment.

Here’s my bottomline:

The guidance messaged through sharp as Angel Number 5555 ( if you into symbols, numerology, angels etc). This generally means a yearn of a new transformative collective and personal cycle as emerged since the start of June 2022. There will be sudden or significant changes with a upset towards relating to self and others. This month can lead towards easily manifesting, so careful with our thoughts, voice and body.

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Restorative Practices:

Here are some suggestions for how you can move through the month intentionally as a based on the forecast:

  • Learn about your culture, lineage or ancestors this month.

  • Storytelling or improv exercises with self and others.

  • Avoid recreational drug use.

  • Travel, play with young children.

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