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July 2022 Energy Forecast

"July calls a reckoning with earth-based feminine deities. Some may feel compelled with new ideas, while others will be evaluating what they value. This is the end of a cycle and into a new cycle of earth issues, and earth-feminine divinity for humanity so the next 30 days set the tone." - Vierge

July 2022 Energy Forecast

The focus of the month is on using your energy to attract favorable circumstances and setting momentum and intention in a particular direction. Taking charge and/or observing others take charge are themes of this energy. Numerous discussions regarding new or, as I like to say, "remembered" practices from profoundly feminine energy to heal, protect, and sow will take place.

It is indicated here that earth-based rituals, earth spirituality, and nature-based traditions will be reclaimed, recaptured, and possibly even revived for the benefit of our humanity's healing, sowing, and preservation!

Our collective archetype/persona will alternate between being excessively resource-conscious and making new plans. Some people could feel repelled, inclined to distractions or longing for rewards that haven't materialized. Everyone wants to be acknowledged for their work! How will you be able to tell the difference, is the question posed? how much do you place on rewards?

The purpose for this month has a lot to do with letting go of outdated ideas, plans, and structures and connecting creative ideas, creative pathways, and community. This is undoubtedly the end of a cycle, yet some of us may feel as though a new cycle, process, or global momentum change in the economy, earth-based issues, and materials/goods is beginning.

The challenge this month is in recognizing change as a fresh opportunity! Some people may react to such changes with resistance or even severe defense. This is an excellent opportunity to assess the differences between ordinary changes and changes that are necessary, and it's especially crucial to consider who is involved in changes that are centered on the planet, materials, resources, and global networking. Your challenge id to ask and step into how you make adjustments in your life when sudden change occurs.

Control, discipline, and a healthy balance of intellect and emotion are directly related to your success. Being emotionally and intellectually mature is essential for success. You can look for or stumble into a powerful feminine personality that will guide you in wisdom or give you the truth without any bluff or deception!

Some will consider hoarding resources, out of fear of lack. Some will attempt to miss pitfalls, while others will land right into them. Please consider lessen your cockiness in this manner.

What the collective as a whole can hope to do is to embrace novelty and lean toward fresh opportunities, changes, or unexpected impacts.

You can find support by giving placing yourself in community, conversations even unfamiliar spaces where distributing fair share of resources, managing personal goods, and discussing the preservation of earth. Avoid the pitfalls of lack for you will only scarce someone in need.

Here’s my bottomline:

Since this marks the conclusion of one cycle and the beginning of another, humans need not look back on this month as the earth, earth-deities, gods, healers, and seedlings get ready to advance in ways that will either be invisible to or visible to them. Many people will have to choose new paths; some will take the time for in-depth reflection, while others might lay their heads where the blade falls.

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Restorative Practices:

Here are some suggestions for how you can move through the month intentionally as a based on the forecast:

  • Learn about your culture, lineage or ancestors this month.

  • Identify a way you can contribute to preserving earth for the next generation.

  • Lean into your feminine divine energy or connect with someone who uses their gifts, and feminine psyche for this purpose.

  • Ride a horse ( yes, I am serious)

  • Drink chamomile, milk thistle ( your choice)

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