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June 2023 Energy Forecast

”This month's is about the practice of stillness, of discipline and staying on one's path even when the path appears narrow." - Vierge

Brief Summary

Collective Archetype: Aligning with the Natural Order

This month, the collective focus is on aligning with a natural order of things by finding a balance between action and stillness. It's a time for reflection and embracing a sense of harmony in your thoughts, interactions, and physical sensations. Pay attention to the flow of energy and seek harmony in all areas of your life.

Theme: Willpower and Creativity

The theme for this month is centered around using your willpower to channel creativity and take action in areas of your life where you feel supported. Embrace your ambition and tap into your intellectual and sensational side. You may encounter someone who reflects these qualities or discover them within yourself as you pursue your goals.

Goal: Noticing Defenses and Resting

The collective goal is to become aware of when you're exerting excessive energy and time in defense. Recognize when it's necessary to walk away or be stubborn, and learn to prioritize self-care and rest. You'll also be challenged to navigate high sensitivities to yourself and the world, finding a balance between protecting your peace and stepping out of your comfort zone.

Obstacles: Walking the Tight Rope

This month's challenge is akin to walking on a tightrope, where stability may feel uncertain at times. You'll need to find the right amount of energy to sustain your endeavors without overwhelming yourself. It may involve accepting things as they are and adjusting your pace accordingly. Be mindful of the direction you want to move in and consider whether running away or finding contentment in walking away is the best approach.

Guidance: Conscious Intention and Self-Compassion

The guidance for this month emphasizes being conscious and intentional in your actions. Take pauses and breaks when needed and evaluate your comfort level in your current life situations. It's also important to assess whether you've taken necessary risks or if discomfort is driving you to run away. Direct your energy and effort toward areas of your life that are expanding and hold the potential for rewarding outcomes. Through self-compassion and grace, you'll develop skills and mastery throughout this lifetime.

Kind Reminder: These general monthly forecasts are intended as a general guide and may not resonate with everyone. These are open to interpretation, so trust your own intuition and apply the messages that truly resonate with you.

Love & Light,


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