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May 2023 Energy Forecast

”This month's is about momentum for the opportunities that arrived last winter cycle. Reconcile with the energy and take action even in the midst of a storm". - Vierge

Brief Summary

This month's collective focus is on identifying with your creative force, connecting with those skill, talent, time and resources. this month is about identifying where you put your time and energy, as well as what resources are manifested because of your loving labor.

This month's theme is about generating the steps that are part of your larger goal or vision. There is a strong focus about initiating your ideals, sign contracts and making financial moves.

The collective's goal is about moving through your resources and your vision with an intuitive and grounded effort. This can be manifested through connecting with your spiritual consciousness, connecting with those who will help make clear decisions. This could also be about having strong, faith or belief around your ability to take action.

This month's challenge is all about knowing when to rest, knowing when it’s too much knowing when you’re too agitated or short, tempered or impatient, taking time to notice how it manifests in your life and how you interact with others when you are not restful, resourceful, and unclear taking opportunities to pause.

The guidance those month is a lot of our actions, and a lot of our emotional driven instincts will force us to look at how we connect with others and what challenges influence our emotional state.

Bottomline: The bottom line is that there will be a return of having to use strong effort and grounded energy to move through challenges, while basking in the rewards of our efforts. Some may close out cycles moving into new milestones!

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Restorative Practices:

Here are some suggestions for how you can move through the month intentionally based on the months energy pattern:

  1. Be mindful of who you share your life goals, and how you speak about them.

  2. Try a new interest, hobby or be outdoors.

  3. Drink water, rest and recharge

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