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October 2022 Energy Forecast

” October requests that we develop a sense of willpower and care for our physical and emotional health with discipline and priority ." - Vierge

October 2022 Energy Forecast

The theme of the month is about being creative, enthusiastic, and perhaps a little impatient with the way things are going, but most importantly, it's about being unselfish or minimizing self-centeredness, and also about what you admire and how that captures you. How do you get your audience's attention?

The birth of creation and will is represented by this month's archetype. This month is all about embodying a powerful presence and executing willpower and endurance. This is about physical agility, health, and mental endurance. This month is all about How do you deal with chaos? Will you exercise discipline while remaining calm?

The purpose for this month is to focus on efficiency, self-sufficiency, and obtaining the skills and knowledge required to feel stable in your daily life. This is about addressing what beats your heart. What is passion in your life? How do you keep that burning?

The challenge this month is about delving into either full with ignorance and deception. Many people may come to realize that taking shortcuts on a long-term life path would not be beneficial. It also brings up the ways in which we seek to attain or discover success in our life without putting in any labor effort or attempting to buy or obtain information that may or may not be of high quality.

What this month produces is anxiety, fear, and even powerlessness, possibly in relationships or in our personal drive to be strong, willed, aggressive, and vocal in areas of our life where we have been proven to be something other.

This month, you were requested to balance your emotions with the physical world by not diving headfirst into pursuits or learning tasks that may take phase structure, patience, and the ability to adjust how much feels comfortable to you. This also applies to relationships and your health; determining how much you want to tolerate and where your limit is can provide you with accountability and even a window into your progress, no matter how tiny.

What can I embrace? noticing and appreciating this newness well, and using the tools available to you to thrive and gain momentum, rather than allowing your emotions or anxieties to psychologically distract you from acting or excessive unstable and insecure in your life.

Support/Allies: Support will come from many directions or from a single direction in your life. You should pay close attention to the abundance of support and resources for materializing, self-sufficiency, forming ideology around the life or lifestyle you wish to form and live by, as well as those values, and you may come across people places conversations where you can easily tap into information, and even encounter people whose presence, words, and perspective you value.

Here’s my bottomline:

The lioness archetype specifically the African lions were symbolic in this months impressions.

This month may feel like a slow start for many people. You might feel like you're picking up just where you left off in June. It is time to put things into action, specifically goals related to health, money, and relationships. There is a lot of emotional stability and fulfillment that can come from this month, but it does require believing that lessons are meant to add advise, guide, and promote you towards your journey, and if your journey includes being an alignment, because a lot of this work this month revolves around that, then you should be mindful of the symbols, and signs that will be guiding your path!

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Restorative Practices:

Here are some suggestions for how you can move through the month intentionally based on the months energetical patterns:

  1. Set clear boundaries with yourself first.

  2. Green tea and lemongrass

  3. Get physically active

  4. Manage things that can be prone to addiction in all forms

  5. Jasper mineral


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