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September 2022 Energy Forecast

” September brings forth the power of the mother archetypes and the balance between loss and renewals ." - Vierge

September 2022 Energy Forecast

The theme of the month is limitations, fantasizing, and heartbreak, and some people struggle to accept their reality. Many people will experience loss and abandonment this month, or the cycle of these themes may manifest in other ways.

Significant events are predicted to occur in threes (3's).

This month's archetype is centered on connection, coming together to communicate feelings and close matters of the heart. There will be much discussion about the mother archetype as well as standing out, being bold, and being real.

The purpose for this month is to focus on transitions, endings, and letting go of things that no longer demand your attention. This month, saying farewell and accepting are crucial. Some may travel, while others may feel or remain troubled by the death of a loved one. It is critical to remember that while we are physically tied to our experiences or memories, we must use these energies to construct a way forward.

The challenge this month is about bring about newness, colored eyes, and a desire to learn more than we already know. While some may find excitement in the new, others will spiral into irresponsibility, which may result in unexpected repercussions. The opportunity here is to accept full responsibility for our choices while bravely apologizing!

What results is a reversal of timing into episodes of anxiety, realities being revealed, and being exposed to a large amount of information that may cloud our judgment. Consider your reality and the path it leads you down. While the future is being constructed, the route ahead of us unfolds in a variety of ways. Trust your instincts, but employ a discerning mind to guide you.

Make an effort to prevent overstimulating yourself with knowledge, black and white thinking in areas of life that demand flexibility, and maybe dual and chaotic personalities. This refers to snake bites that slowly eat their opponent, despite the snake's awareness that they, too, will suffer at its expense. In other words, our inherent inclinations may emerge more forcefully, which may be beneficial in certain areas but not in all.

What can I embrace? This may necessitate that we all embrace a more aggressive thinking and physical appearance. We may be forced to play a game of two that brings out your best abilities. This is the time to welcome all spiritual, cultural, and educational variety, because all human beings have the right to be fully embraced without diminishing each other.

This month's support comes in some ways we all will be hard at labor and love, exculpating information, conversing with new ideas and mending with apologies. This support will be dual way and require all to deliver the best version of yourself in community!

Here’s my bottomline:

The mother archetype announces that both the unconscious and conscious realms continue to materialize our lives in ways we want and ones we don't. Local and global contributions will be important, and you may discover that finding your inner voice comes with publicly elevating others rather than privately.

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Restorative Practices:

Here are some suggestions for how you can move through the month intentionally based on the months energetical patterns:

  • I’ve your voice publicly to affirm someone else under oppressive systems lessen your bystander.

  • Watch or screen a documentary.

  • Avoid consumption of a lot of mind altering substances unless used in cultural and spiritual practices for wellbeing and connection to guides, source or lwas etc.

  • Travel, play with animals, farming and color with young children.

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