Your investment in Sacred Aura & Co allows me to give back to my local and international communities by delivering reduced fees or pro bono brief psychotherapy, spiritual wellness, and transformative healing services.

So, thank you so much!

Readings & Consultations

Guiding people with integrating ancestral practices on spirituality, healing arts, somatic embodiment, and intuitively centered practices.

Psychic Readings

Understanding the past, present for the future.

Are you experiencing challenges? Are you at a crossroads? Feeling disempowered? Feeling confused, lost, or indecisive about life circumstances? All sessions are conducted virtually via phone/video conference. Please review the terms and conditions before booking.


  • Tarot

  • Oracle

  • Numerology

  • Water Gazing

  • Pendulum; for YES/NO questions only*


Private mediumship readings between you, the Great Spirit, and the medium (a person who can mediate or channel between earth and spirit consciousness state). Viergelyn serves as a link between you and the Spirit World in the physical realm. The most crucial part of spirit contact is "confirmation." All current readings are private readings. I currently do not offer " open readings" and will ask that you have a clear intention on whom you wish to make contact. All readings are not conducted virtually via a zoom. Please read and agree to the terms and conditions before booking. 

Spirit messages for loved ones.

Birth Chart Reading or Astrology Consultation

Your birth chart (also referred to as horoscope or natal chart) follows a specific blueprint. By analyzing your birth chart, you can learn about your patterns, vulnerabilities, and success, as well as your resources. Your birth chart can reveal details about your family dynamics, personal and intimate relationships, finances, natural talents, and so on. Horoscope literally means "hour watcher," referring to the observation of someone's birth hour. Your lifetime is a snapshot of the celestial bodies frozen in time!


  • Birth Chart General Readings

  • Birth Chart, Depth Perspective

  • Astrology Consultations

Using the resources and knowledge of your Birth Chart.

Ethical Practice message

I acknowledge that I am a western-born human and embody a dual perspective. I am a bearer of my multicultural, ancestral, and spiritual psychologies, rituals, and methodologies, which is an inherent component of my practicing style. I am a conduit of spiritual consciousness and use it with intention and discernment.