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Medium Readings & Consultations

Guiding people centering my ancestral wisdom & practices with other divinity and metaphysical methodology.


Psychic Readings

These consultations are an excellent method to gain clarity and psychic guidance about your personal life, as well as identify any obstacles in your path and provide suggestions on how to overcome those obstacles and inspire your life. The service types ranges from general to past life or ancestral communication.

Psychic Mediumship Readings

Private mediumship readings between you, the Great Spirit, and the medium (a person who can mediate or channel between earth and spirit consciousness state). Viergelyn serves as a link between you and the Spirit World in the physical realm. The most crucial part of spirit contact is "confirmation." All current readings are private readings. I currently do not offer "open readings" and will ask that you have a clear intention on whom you wish to make contact. All readings are conducted virtually via a zoom. 


Please keep in mind that I cannot forecast your future! My intuition is in sync with the Great Spirit, my guides, and my ancestors. If my Guides can not reach an agreement, I will provide you with a refund and cancel the appointment without further inquiry. 


Please read and agree to the terms and conditions before booking. This service is currently available to existing/returning clients. I recommend that new clients schedule restorative energy sessions to create a client-healer relationship. Returning clients please use private link for booking this service.

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