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Psychic-Medium Readings &
Spiritual Consultations

Unlocking innate wisdom that has been wired into our past, present, and into the future

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Psychic Readings & Spiritual Consultations

Psychic readings provide an excellent opportunity for you to gain clarity and psychic guidance about your personal life. We focus on the here & now to help you identify any obstacles in your path and provide suggestions on how to overcome them using our intuitive abilities.


These readings are tailored to your specific needs and can cover a wide range of areas such as relationships, career, and personal development.


Let us inspire your life and empower you to make sound decisions.

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Psychic-Medium Session

In our private mediumship readings, you will have the opportunity to sit in stillness with generated energy to connect with the Great Spirit/Divine Parent/Light/Source/Creator* (however you define) and receive messages from the Spirit World.


As a psychic & spiritual medium, I serve as a link between the physical world and the Spirit worlds. It is essential to have a clear intention on whom you wish to make contact, and what information you are open to receiving during the reading.


My ethical process is focused on providing confirmation and validation from the Spirit Worlds.


All readings are conducted virtually via Zoom to ensure a comfortable and convenient experience. 


Please note: At present,  psychic medium sessions are in practice for individuals seeking personal contact rather than open mediumship communication.

Ethical & Capacity Practice Note:

Limitations: We want to be transparent so that we cannot predict your future. Our intuition is in sync with the Great Spirit, our guides, and our ancestors. If our guides cannot reach an agreement or provide clear guidance during the reading within (8-minutes), we will prioritize your satisfaction and provide a refund and cancel the appointment.


Terms and Conditions: We kindly request that you read and agree to our terms and conditions before booking a session. These terms are in place to ensure a respectful and beneficial experience for both parties involved. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the terms, please let us know, and we will be happy to clarify.


New Clients: For new clients, we recommend scheduling restorative energy sessions to establish a client-healer relationship before booking a psychic reading or mediumship session. This will allow me to create a strong point and better understand your unique energy blueprint.


Recurring/Returning Clients: If you are an existing or returning client, please use the private booking link ( if applicable) to book your future psychic reading or mediumship session.

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