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I identify as a queer Caribbean-Indigenous woman (Ayiti/Taino and Quis/Bohio/Kiskeya). My identities, and spiritual wellness  is rooted in the revitalization, reclaiming and remembering of my indigenous  cultures, practices and wisdom. My identity is inclusive of "we" remembering and moving through the world in connection with high Creator and my dual energy.

My heart smiles,

Arikoma bu


I give thanks to my ancestor who have come before me. I give thanks to my lineage, my passages and my re-birth. I am my mothers'  mother's and forebearers' realization.

May the universe always be in my favor.

Over the last 15 years, I've dedicated myself to the journey of soul alignment, embracing dual sovereignty, and utilizing my innate talents and wisdom to serve humanity.


I am an Intuitive Life Coach, Intuitive Reader, and Energy Healer who employs a range of powerful techniques to support individuals in their personal growth and transformation. Through the use of life coaching methodologies, NLP, EFT Tapping, somatic-based practices, intuitive insights, and energy work, I empower my clients to reach their desired goals and aspirations.

As a psychic medium and energy healer, I draw upon a rich tapestry of indigenous, ancestral, and spiritual wisdom. This holistic approach forms the foundation of my deep connection with the mind, body, and Spirit, honoring the four cardinal directions - south, north, east, and west. I serve as a conduit for spiritual consciousness, employing it consciously and thoughtfully to bring about healing and transformation. My practice encompasses diverse philosophies, psychologies, rituals, and techniques, weaving them together to create a harmonious and sacred space for growth and enlightenment.


My expertise lies in nurturing intuitive and psychic abilities, assisting with career and life transitions, navigating relationship challenges, boosting self-confidence, manifesting desires, uncovering life purpose, embarking on a soulful journey, and facilitating healing from past traumas. With my holistic approach, I guide clients on a transformative path towards a more fulfilling and vibrant well life.

I hold certifications and/or training in the following areas, recognized in the field:

- Reiki I, II, III, Reiki Master, currently practicing as a Reiki Practitioner (old tongue 'hands on' energy reader, seer and healer)
- Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
- Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)
- Somatic Therapy
- Mediumship Development* (UK)
- Psychic Development

*with ongoing mentorship or consultations as needed*

Candles and Wood


For we all have a soul compass, and a beating
heart that radiates the soul's deepest quest.
  • Professional Intuitive Life Coaching

  • WellFluent Intensives 2-hours

  • Channeled Readings

  • Private Mediumistic Consultations

  • Intuitive Development

  • Clinical or Holistic Supervision, Consultations & Peer Mentorship

  • Restorative Energy Healing 

  • Workshops, Retreats (coming soon)

3 Best Practices for Improving Well-being:

  1. Connect to the altered, and resilient stories of your ancestral land*, and/or connect to the current land through natural and practical ways.

  2. Form a deep personal connection with your spirituality.

  3. Make a list of your core values every soul stage.

* The term "ancestral land" refers to the geographical location that served as the native and/or ancestral habitat where your primal lineage lived both before, after and the active period of colonialism, and impact of colonial structures and body settlement. It signifies the place where your ancestors resided, acknowledging the historical connection to the land(s) and its significance in understanding one's roots and heritage.

Lone Tree

Soul Core Values

My soul core values (not all listed here) ongoing journey of self-evolution is embedded in my process with you! 

Practice a wholistic approach to well-being & living

I move towards the interconnectedness of the mind, body, heart and spirit for emotional, spiritual, physical and psychic wellness. Using tools and practices for releasing, resting and transmuting trauma and stress.

Cultural & Spiritual Roots

I support and move towards the revitalization, remembering, reclaiming, and honoring of Self, and people's indigenity, ancestral, cultural and spiritual wisdom and connection. 

Intuition & Psychic Talent

I move towards a deeper understanding of  purpose, vibration and  life path. This offers expansion of connection to the invisible.

Present Moment
Passion Projects

I move towards goals and aspirations with a range of tools to address their unique challenges and goals for finding clarity in their paths.

WellFluent Intensives (1)_edited.jpg

WellFluent Intensives

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Wellness Intensives is a 2-3 hour intensive session that utilize the unique combination of professional life coaching, brain-body techniques, somatic embodiment, and energy psychology techniques to tap into your inner wisdom, release limiting beliefs, and create a positive shift in your mindset and relationship with money.

Make powerful moves and clear with life decisions!

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