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Let Your Soul 
Guide You.

Sacred Aura & Company is the intersectional realities of wholistic practices using reiki/energy, chakra, intuition, psychic and life coaching modalities. The purpose is to assist people in maximizing their soul's potential towards fulfillment and wellness!

My mission & vision

Sacred Aura & Company serves as the convergence point for wholistic practices dedicated to assisting individuals on their path to self-discovery, restoration, alignment of the soul, and achieving clarity in both personal and professional realms. The intentional goal is to awaken the fundamental principles and techniques that empower the soul, fostering the expansive human potential and well-being practices for enduring fulfillment and wellness.

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How I can help you make life meaningful...

For the individuals seeking guidance and support in various aspects of personal growth, transformation, and well-being who are open to wholistic practices and are interested in exploring and developing their intuitive talents, improve self-confidence, healthy relationships with people & land and career path. For individuals seeking spiritual and culturally affirming approach to personal development and pathway in life.

Navigating personal growth and emotional well-being

Healing from past traumas to positively impact relationship dynamics in life.

Improve self-confidence for your professional & community presence and ethical effectiveness in entrepreneurship.

Individuals seeking alignment with their career goals and aspirations

Nurturing intuitive and psychic talents for individual decision-making in various aspects of life and business.

Creating space for deeper spiritual connection and integrity in your personal and professional lifestyle.

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WellFluent Intensives

Wellness Intensives is a 2-3 hour intensive session that utilize the unique combination of professional life coaching, brain-body techniques, somatic embodiment, and energy psychology techniques to tap into your inner wisdom, release limiting beliefs, and create a positive shift in your mindset and relationship with money.

Make powerful moves and clear with life decisions!

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