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The Collective Work

Collective Reiki

Collective Restorative Healing

Collective Restorative Healing combines energy psychology, western Reiki, and Afro-indigenous healing practices to create a transformative, expansive experience. These healing circles will include a intention settlement, guided meditation, collective oracle reading, and energy reiki. Participants are encouraged to uncover and release energetic blockages, reconnect with their inner wisdom, and restore physical, emotional, and spiritual balance. This distinctive combination of modalities provides a deeply healing journey through afro-indigenous perspectives on wellness and wholeness.

I specialize in facilitating for small groups (3-8 individuals), creating a personalized experience tailored to your group's needs and preferences. Whether it's at your chosen location or a designated space, I collaborate with the organizer/weaver to ensure our shared agreement aligns with the goals and vision for our healing circle. It will focus on harnessing collective wisdom and/or exploring a collective theme enriching, empowering, and deeply meaningful for all participants.

As the facilitator/guide, I encourage participants to come prepared  by bringing blankets, yoga mats, or floor chairs for their comfort during our practice. Additionally, if they feel called to do so, they're welcome to bring an intentional offering (optional). It's also recommended to have or bring a light snack along with water or tea to stay nourished and hydrated throughout our time together.

Participants can purchase at the workshops Spark Essentials™ products

Are you interested? Please send an email and I will be in touch!


  • 2-hours

  • 3-hours

  • 4-hours

Group Sizes: 2-8 persons (maximum 8 persons)

Group Rates

$150 hour (2 hour minimum)


Fridays: 10am-2pm Eastern Time

In-Person & Virtual Options

What Clients Are Saying ....

"Working with Viergelyn has. been a powerful transformative experience for my inner development. I can stay aware of my triggers with money with the knowledge I have gained".
- TG, Life Coach

Cultural & Ethical Practice

Cultural & Spiritual Wisdom: I have received teachings both orally and within primal, and communal settings and self-guiding myself into the origin wisdom, ways, practices, and processes of utilizing my talents within natural systems. This includes incorporating earth-bound, Spirit and alchemical symbols as integral components of my soul purpose and human experience. The cultural, ancestral, and communal practices, passed down from Keepers to Practitioners, will not be exploited or offered in exchange during any sessions.  In addition, all suggestions or recommendation offered regarding herbal, plant or spiritual medicines are consulting of Good Will and Balance. When scheduling a session, please be aware that my ongoing support is focused on guiding you towards connecting with your personal origins. Truth is my identity.

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