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September 2023 Energy Forecast

"September is all about embracing honest rest, realities of change as a natural state, and creative control" - Vierge

Collective: Be in the Now

As we step into the month of September, the collective energy is focused on a shift towards prioritizing rest, release, and reflection. This marks a completion of the prior phase, where we were in a highly action-oriented state of mind. Now, it's time to generously look towards the future with a sense of clarity, firmness, confidence, and a feeling of completeness.

Theme: Taking Charge of Change

The theme for this month revolves around change and taking charge of a specific aspect of your life. It's about maintaining sensible control and emotional capacity as you navigate the realities of life's plan. This period encourages you to embrace the changes with a sense of purpose and direction.

Goal: Creative Expression and Control

The goal for September is to shine a spotlight on your creative ideas through a deliberate and thoughtful process. Many of these ideas might have already been initiated, and now is the time to advance them in the direction you wish to take. However, it's essential to maintain control over the direction you're heading in.

Obstacles: Letting Go and Setting Boundaries

The primary obstacle this month involves the challenge of letting go and relinquishing excessive control. There's a risk of becoming so deeply immersed in a blissful state that you may be less conscious, unless intentionally aware, of the potential consequences or results in your life, as well as in the lives of others. While pleasure is important, it's equally crucial to maintain control and set healthy boundaries for yourself.

Guidance: Reclaiming Purpose and Joy

The guiding principle for September is often encapsulated in the proverb that "all things happen in threes," manifesting the symbolism of the natural order and the interconnectedness of life. This month is an invitation to reclaim your sense of purpose, your energy, your joy, and your time. It's about aligning with the inherent balance and harmony of life's cycles and connections.

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**Disclaimer:** The information provided in this blog is based on astrological and intuitive interpretations and is intended for entertainment and informational purposes only. It should not be considered as professional advice or substitute for individual consultations with qualified professionals. While astrology and intuition can offer insights into general trends, remember that each person's life experiences and circumstances are unique. Always use your own discernment and intuition when making life decisions.

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